Premier Association Management offers full service community association management which includes:


Routine Inspections: We believe that to effectively manage a community, it is necessary to make regular inspections. With that in mind, our managers visit each site frequently to note any deficiencies or items that may require attention.

Major Repairs: Our managers also supervise major work performed in addition to meeting vendors as needed.

Planned Projects: During routine site visits, our managers meet board members and discuss projects for preventative and improvement to the property.


Assessments: Our office receives payments in house and applies it to each owner’s ledger per Statute. We issue invoices, payment books or any other reminders the association requests for owners to remit payment. Once applied, we deposit the checks and account for ACH and other payments. Each month we submit a report for the consolidation of the prior month’s financials.

Accounts Payable: All vendors are provided with our office’s information to submit invoices. Once received, our office will remit payments after having the Board of Directors review.

Delinquency: Our office per the bylaws and Board of Directors will issue late notices, apply late fees and interest to the owner’s ledger. We will also coordinate with any collection efforts requested to keep the association on track.

Budget: We will analyze the income and expenses of the association for the preceding year and create a budget reflecting expectations for the following year. We will meet with the Board to review and revise prior to the budget meeting.

Audits: As is standard; at the end of each year we will forward the associations financials to the association’s choice of accountantsfor the necessary filings and audit.


New Owner Orientation: We provide the applications and new owner orientation packages necessary for transfer. Once we receive completed applications we submit the data for the screening to be scheduled and coordinate interviews with the Board if needed. We also update the records for new owners and provide the information they need for the association.

Quotes: For each service requiring quotes, our office will request vendor quotes and provide to the Board of Directors. We will also schedule meetings with the vendors for the Board as desired.

Owner Relations: Customer service is one of our specialties; we work with requests made by the owners/residents to facilitate any necessary action promptly.

Filing: We keep on record the community’s files including financials, insurance, and all other documents that are produced or provided in the management of the community.remember thinking it was a pretty impressive piece of electronic hardware.

Why Choose Premier Association Management?

Our firm was built on the principle of providing the best service to our clients while cutting as many unnecessary costs as possible. Through technology we are also able to communicate efficiently and effectively to all clients and vendors.  We take pride in every association we manage and are always available to our clients; our property managers provide their direct cell as point of contact. We maintain relationships with many vendors and so can shop services if needed at your community as often as you want so we can find ways to save.

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